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Staff OwnerPenny Harkins

AquaCorals (short for Aquacultured Corals) - Saltwater Reef Aquariums is the largest saltwater reef aquarium retail store and coral aquaculture facility (specializing in soft corals) in the US. AquaCorals is unique in that over 100 different species of aquacultured (tank raised) soft corals and multiple LPS & SPS coral species are grown and sold here. Also offered are cultured corals (man made, ocean grown) & wild collected corals including Softs, SPS & LPS as well as reef safe saltwater fish & tank raised Seahorses! Live rock & inverts including clams, snails, shrimp, feather dusters, cucumbers & more! New aquariums & stands, reef lighting, pumps, skimmers, RO units, live rock, sand, foods for all marine life and everything you need to setup & maintain an  
Easy & Successful Reef tank!  
Whether you're thinking of setting up your first saltwater aquarium or an advanced reef aquarist AquaCorals has something for you. From step-by-step teaching new hobbyists to rare & unusual specimens sure to please!  
I am an experienced reef professional who can facilitate your dream into a reality by helping you create a thriving reef system based on my setup "recipe" for success. I also offer hardy tank raised soft corals for sale and a complete line of supplies to local and hobbyists across the US. My goal is to provide top quality livestock, the best in reefing equipment/supplies & professional support to hobbyists.  
I love to mentor & share my methods for successful reef systems so feel free to call, e-mail or better yet...Stop by & Let's Talk Reefs!  
Visitors Welcome!!

Store Details
Freshwater FishNo   
Saltwater FishYes    details
PlantsYes    details
ReefYes    details
Cured Live RockYes    details
Fresh Mixed SaltwaterYes    details
R.O. WaterYes    details
Seminars/EducationYes    details
Aquarium Design/InstallYes    details
Aquarium ServiceNo   

Large Display Aquaria
Come sit on the couches in front of...  
a 310 gallon reef & seahorse system AND a  
260 gallon reef & Pearly Jawfish display...  
90 gallon Clam Lagoon  
...and over 50 additional tanks full of corals, reef fish & inverts!

We proudly carry the products from the following manufacturers:

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MondayClosed - Closed TuesdayClosed - 6:00 PM Wednesday11:00 AM - 6:00 PM Thursday11:00 AM - 6:00 PM Friday11:00 AM - 6:00 PM Saturday11:00 AM - 6:00 PM SundayClosed - Closed

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