As a store owner, what can LFS Locator do for you?

LFS Locator brings Hobbyists and Local Fish Stores together by creating a community where hobbyists can find a tropical fish store in their area that can offer them expert advice and fair prices instead of buying products online. It also provides LFS’s with a portal through which they can tell the world about their store along with the products and services they offer.  Not only that, but LFS Locator provides inexpensive marketing tools and services that will keep your customers connected with news, sales, promotions, and products, all geared to bring the Hobbyist and the Local Fish Store together like never before.

What do you get?

LFS Locator provides unparalleled tools designed specifically to drive customers to your store!  A basic listing is free, and stores with paid "Profiles" take advantage of features like:

  • Store homepage with pictures of your store, detailed information about your store, products and services that you offer, and an interactive Google Map with directions.  Not computer savvy? Our team of professionals will help you set up your account in a snap! See a Sample Profile here.
  • Promote your store: Keep hobbyists up to date with the latest sales and promotions you are offering!  Hobbyists that have "favorited" your store are automatically notified when you update your profile with new sales and promotions!  Don't have the time? We can do it for you!
  • Instant access to Fish Market, LFS Locator's marketing engine.  The only marketing engine custom tailored to the Tropical Fish Industry.  Send electronic or printed marketing materials to hobbyists in your local area, or any area in North America!  No artwork for your marketing?  We can do that too!
  • Get in contact with and support manufacturers that support Local Fish Stores and offer pricing protection from the Internet!   We have created a community focused around the success of the Local Fish Store.  The only one on the net!

Why you should get involved…

We believe in supporting our local economy and our community.  When you support LFS Locator, you are not only supporting those ideas, you are supporting the healthy growth of the aquarium industry and the hobby we all love and enjoy. This ensures an opportunity for hobbyists that have yet to discover the joy of aquarium keeping and a future for those that already do!  Spread the word by telling everyone you know about LFS Locator and please, send us your comments and suggestions. We want the site to serve you and provide you with the tools to be successful in today's changing industry!


-The LFS Locator Team

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