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What is LFS Locator all about?
LFS Locator has one simple mission: To Bring Hobbyists and Tropical Fish Stores together like never before.

How We do it…
LFS Locator brings hobbyists and Local Fish Stores together by creating a place where they can connect on the Internet and easily find a place in their community that can offer them expert advice and fair prices. It also provides LFS’s with a portal through which they can tell the world about their store and the products and services they offer. Not only that, but LFS Locator provides inexpensive services and tools that keep their customers connected with news, sales, promotions, and products all geared to bring the Hobbyist and Local Fish Stores together like never before.

Why We Do It…
It is no secret that the Internet has grown the popularity of our hobby, and it has created a forum where information on new technology and techniques can be accessed by anyone who is interested. In many ways the Internet has proven useful in recruiting new people to join the hobby and make products available to people who might not have had access to them before. It has even made the message of LFS Locator possible.

For all the good things that the internet has brought to our industry, they have been paralleled with monumental changes in the industry at the local level. Often times Bricks & Mortar retail stores cannot compete with the buying power that new found MEGA Online Retailers have brought to bear. Already, countless LFS have closed their doors because of the increased competition in cyberspace.

Every time an LFS closes, it is a missed opportunity for someone to gain valuable advice from an industry professional about equipment and dry goods. It’s also a missed opportunity for a hobbyist to enjoy the pleasure of browsing for, inspecting, and discussing an animal's specific needs and behavior. Not only is this service imperative to the success of the hobbyist, but it is also imperative to the long term survival of the animal itself.

A closed store is a message to us all that a change is in order.

Why you should get involved…
We believe in supporting our local economy, and our community. When you support LFS Locator you are not only supporting those things, you are supporting the healthy growth of the aquarium industry and the hobby we all love and enjoy. This ensures a future for hobbyists that have yet to discover the joy of aquarium keeping and a future for those that already do!

Spread the word by telling everyone you know about LFS Locator and please, send us your comments and suggestions. We want the site to serve you and provide you with the information you need to be successful in the hobby!

-The LFS Locator Team

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